From scenic backdrop to new hometown

Hey y’all, it’s #throwbackthursday !!!

Here is to that time when we took a picture without knowing that the neighborhood behind us was going to be our new home just 18 months later (read more about me).
Moving from one country to another is never easy, but it gets a bit more difficult when having to sell a house and two cars in one country while trying to secure jobs and a new apartment in the other. And let’s not forget about our sweet doggo who had to get used to his crate before flying in the cargo compartment from Chicago to Frankfurt . We were excited, but there were times when we got cold feet and we actually had made a Pro/Con list to decipher our feelings from time to time; however, Germany always won us over with what Germans often take for granted: great health care and better labor laws. Not to forget the importance of family and education within the political decision making as well as the continuous effort when it comes to protecting our planet.
We miss Northern Kentucky every single day. I miss our family and friends, the weather, the traditions, and the culture. Today I am craving a Cheese Coney with mustard from Skyline Chili and my brain tells me a trip to Target is more than overdue! But it is so good to know that you can be happy and feel at home in more than one country.

You are one click away from more pictures of Hameln.

Klütviertel in Hameln, Germany
View from the Klütturm

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